An entrepreneur is someone who discovers and provides for an unmet need by producing value for others in the

community and for themselves. In short, entrepreneurs are both problem solvers and wealth creators. Creating and

maintaining a culture that embraces entrepreneurship is critical to the long-term prosperity of our economy and our

society. Entrepreneurship is an act of serving one’s self through serving others well. We believe that students can

increase their chances of success with practical education about entrepreneurship, markets, and the economic way of


This course is designed to help students discover the value of entrepreneurship and the importance of strong character

in a free and civil society. These ready-to-go lessons introduce students to entrepreneurship and the economic way of

thinking through a series of carefully selected articles, videos, discussion guides, student handouts, and activities.

Cette formation aux outils bureautiques libres s'adresse au personnel de l'université.

A l'issue de la formation le stagiaire sera en mesure de

  • Installer la suite bureautique
  • Créer, éditer, sauvegarder un document texte (un classeur)
  • Importer un document texte (classeur) sous un autre format
  • Formater un document
  • Créer (utiliser) un modèle de document.